26 May 2016

Mounted Men at Arms 1450-1500 #1 // Cięzka jazda z Drakenborgu#1

Presented miniatures were painted last year as the test models from the Mounted Knights 1450 – 1500 box. They were the first minis of horses that I have ever painted. Depending on the system that I play they serve as Knights of Drakenborg or as heavy cavalry from the period of Thirteen Years' War between Kingdom of Poland and Teutonic Order

Prezentowani rycerze zostali pomalowani pod koniec zeszłego roku jako pierwsze i testowe modele z pudełka ciężkiej jazdy od braci Perrych. Były to pierwsze modele koni jakie kiedykolwiek pomalowałem. W zależności od systemu w który gramy służą jako rycerze z Drakenborgu lub jako jazda z okresu wojny trzynastoletniej z Zakonem Krzyżackim.

10 May 2016

Unboxing a new camera // Nowy aparat - nowe możliwości!

It took a while but I finally bought a new camera . Now I will be able to post new photos and my finished works more often . Until now, I had to rely on the old Fuji FinePix S5500, which was partly damaged and therefore inconvenient to use and the quality of the pictures were rather low. A small amount of pictures on the blog was caused mainly because I had to borrow cameras from my friends and family and as you probably know there is not always the time and desire to do this. Since last week I have  Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60. Despite the fact that this is a compact camera it still takes  good photos .
For a start  I post some pics of the equipment. I hope it will fulfil all the expectations that I have for it.

6 May 2016

Dwarven Trade Company Warriors #5 // Ciękozbrojni piechurzy Krasnoludzkiej Kompanii Handlowej #5

Today, long time after they had been painted I finaly managed to post photos of my last Ironshields Dwarves from  Avatars of War that have not yet been published on the blog. It means that  the entire regiment is finished. When I was painting these dwarves I was a little tired of them and that is why the level of details has drop a little since the first miniatures from that box.

We have already reviewed them a little bit in the previous posts: