27 October 2014

Week with WIP #1 Drakenborg Knights brainstorm

This is the first entry showing what do we have at our workbench this week. Right now we are expanding our Knights of Drakenborg warband for Song of Blade and Heroes. For this project we are using Teutonic Infantry from Italian company Fireforge Games. These are high quality and quite cheap models in 28 mm.  As for now 15 models out of 24 are ready but only a few of them were presented on our blog in those entries Knights od Knights of Drakenborg #1 and Knights of Drakenborg #2. Most of the knights have unique coat of arms but some of them are in colors of  their liege Count Willem of Drakenborg. We are not sure if the painting scheme we have chosen for Drakenborgians is suitable... 

20 October 2014

HUSSAR 2014 - krótka relacja z wydarzenia

18-19 października w Warszawie odbyła się piąta edycja polskiego konkursu malarskiego Hussar.