19 July 2015

The Hill // Wzgórze

The hill project was prepared for a terrain contest in less than 5 days. It was done simultaneously with the cave presented in the last post. If you like you can check following posts describing the process of building the cave and the hill:

14 July 2015

The Cave // Jaskinia

Today we want to show you our new cave. It was made as an entry for the terrain competition announced by the creator of Dwarven Workshop blog. That guy makes beautiful and climatic sculptures using wood and puty. Find some time to look at his works. Hope you will like the cave :)

10 July 2015

Cave and hill - Day 4 // Jaskinia i wzgórze - Dzień 4

Day 4 - first day of the delay but who cares. Today I could dedicate only very small amount of time to the hobby. A little drybrush was used here and there, some greens were applied and finally I added more browns to the bases of both models. At last the package with foliage has arrived but I need to postpone all works till Monday so see you all after the weekend.

9 July 2015

Cave and hill - Day 3 // Jaskinia i wzgórze - Dzień 3

Day 3. Everything was glued and I could start painting both elements. This time with support from my girlfriend so the process was smooth and successful. We tried to achieve a natural looking rock. The models were primed with white and then very diluted browns were applied using sponge and brushes. Next step will be drybrush.

8 July 2015

Cave and hill - Day 2 // Jaskinia i wzgórze - Dzień 2

Second day of work has brought really good results. I added more cork and filled all  crevices with plaster. Everything was covered with stones and sand using old but good as always PVA glue. The elements are starting to look like the real rocks. Pretty satisfied with the outcome so far.

7 July 2015

Cave and hill - Day 1 // Jaskinia i wzgórze - Dzień 1

Hi All,

a lot of time has passed since I posted something new here. Was very busy spending my long annual leave on doing nothing. Some time ago I made a resolution to take photos of all models which were finished last months. I hoped I would share some of them after my return this week but as always the plans have changed. I have only 3 days before leaving once again and the collegue of mine announced a small competition which I decided to take part in.