7 February 2018

Unboxing the new Scibor’s Dwarves // Rzut okiem na nowe dobrocie od Scibor Monstrous Miniatues


You have certainly noticed that miniatures sculpted by the polish artist Scibor Teleszyński which are being sold in the store http://sciborminiatures.com/ are one of my favorites. I have a special appreciation for the Dwarven line. They have something I like: a variety of weaponry combined with travel attributes such as bags, coats, lamps and maps. Their theme brings to mind the classic imagination of the dwarves created by Tolkien in the Hobbit. I have recently purchased a few new models:
Dwarf General On War Bear
Dwarf Lord Ragar
Dwarf Lord Wolfrik
Dwarf Nobleman #1
Dwarf Nobleman #2
In this entry I will share my thoughts on them after receiving the package.

2 February 2018

Arkhan the Black


The first model presented this year is Arkhan the Black from Gamesworkshop’s Skeleton Horde set. I do not particularly like this sculpture and its theme but so far, I have not had the opportunity to face such a large model and this fact encouraged me to paint it. There are so many well-painted and converted Arkhans in the network that it's almost a bit shameful to show you this unimposing portrayal. On the other hand, my interpretation is a bit different because nobody is painting this model in vivid colors and with flowers on the stand:) The effect is fully intentional and fits my collection of comic style undeads ...