7 March 2021

Mounted Men At Arms 1450-1500 - Teutonic Cavalry Thirteen Years' War



Painted in a tabletop standard and probably a little to fast - 6 mounted men at arms of the Teutonic Order. The unit consists of several Brothers and West European Guests/ Mercenaries. Not historicly correct but playing with theses is fun and thematically related.



12 February 2021

Eclipse - Descendants of Draco

 Several small miniatures from my new boardgame - Eclipse. Currently working on the all factions for my private collection.

Descendants of Draco.

19 August 2020

Drakenborg Castle // Makieta Zamku


Last year I finished this very time-consuming project. You could follow its construction in a series of posts in which I described how I to build several different parts of the castle. You can find the links below. In the meantime I invite you take a look a the finished keep.

W zeszłym roku po kilku latach udało się zakończyć ten bardzo czasochłonny projekt. Jego budowę mogliście śledzić w serii postów, w których opisywałem budowę zamku. Linki możecie znaleźć poniżej a tymczasem zapraszam do oglądania i komentowania.

How to build a castle part I Inspirations and plans

How to build a castle part II Gatehouse

How to build a castle part III Tower

How to build a castle part IV Bricks