15 July 2018

Scibor Dwarf Nobleman #1 / Przywódca Cechu Kupców Krasnoludzkiej Kompanii Handlowej #1

Hi everyone
Finally, I found a moment to take some pictures of miniatures that I've been painting for the last 4 months. Hereby I present the miniature of Scibor Dwarf Nobleman as the Leader of the Guild of the Dwarven Trade Company. I have already written about the model in this extensive entry which I encourage you to visit. I have not yet had the opportunity to use this guy during the battle, but I feel that he will fulfil his job as a leader. 

Take a look at the previous miniatures from Scibor that I painted last year:

13 July 2018

Black Knights #2

Another 3 knights from the Skeleton Horde box. In fact, only two of them are the original miniatures from that set. I managed to get an extra knight with the horse by converting an old model from mid-90s that I had in my collection. Now I own 6 knights in total which is ideal for Dragon Rampant games. I'm pretty happy with the effect especially because I did not use any kind of modelling puty which saved the time I spent on the project. Everything keeps the same theme as the rest of my undead army so it looks good on the table. I hope you enjoy these.

6 July 2018

Descent - Leoric of the Book

Leoric of the Book from Descent 2nd Edition the boardgame. Painted by my sister during the short introductory session to the painting hobby. Her first ever painted miniature.

Leoric z gry planszowej Descent. Pomalowany przez moją siostrę w ramach krótkiej prezentacji czym jest hobby malarskie, którym się zajmuję. Siostra zawodowo zajmuje się grafiką komputerową więc mimo braku znajomości technik malarskich poradziła sobie z tym modelem nadspodziewanie dobrze. A trzeba zauważyć że rzeźba i materiał z którego wykonano figurkę do najlepszych nie należą.