12 February 2021

Eclipse - Descendants of Draco

 Several small miniatures from my new boardgame - Eclipse. Currently working on the all factions for my private collection.

Descendants of Draco.


  1. Curious but what/how did you get that great effect on the yellow? Airbrush and wash? If so what was the wash?

    1. First the basecoat. I usually use some cheap acrylic base coat for metal parts/cars. No need for a fancy pro-baseacoat.
      Use white/light basecoat if you want your model to have vibrant colors. I use white or check the zenital lighting basecoat/undercoat technique on google.

      Then using airbrush I use a main colour, Then one highlight colour and one shadow colour.
      Details are done with a sharp brush. There is no need for it to be super fine. Use size 1 or 2. I use acrylic paints from Vallejo as they are cheap and decent.

      I use two different varnish (matt and shine) to additionally improve the difference between the materials/colours and to protect the paint during gaming.


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