7 March 2021

Mounted Men At Arms 1450-1500 - Teutonic Cavalry Thirteen Years' War



Painted in a tabletop standard and probably a little to fast - 6 mounted men at arms of the Teutonic Order. The unit consists of several Brothers and West European Guests/ Mercenaries. Not historicly correct but playing with theses is fun and thematically related.



12 February 2021

Eclipse - Descendants of Draco

 Several small miniatures from my new boardgame - Eclipse. Currently working on the all factions for my private collection.

Descendants of Draco.

19 August 2020

Drakenborg Castle // Makieta Zamku


Last year I finished this very time-consuming project. You could follow its construction in a series of posts in which I described how I to build several different parts of the castle. You can find the links below. In the meantime I invite you take a look a the finished keep.

W zeszłym roku po kilku latach udało się zakończyć ten bardzo czasochłonny projekt. Jego budowę mogliście śledzić w serii postów, w których opisywałem budowę zamku. Linki możecie znaleźć poniżej a tymczasem zapraszam do oglądania i komentowania.

How to build a castle part I Inspirations and plans

How to build a castle part II Gatehouse

How to build a castle part III Tower

How to build a castle part IV Bricks

19 April 2020

Blood Rage#6 Miniatures Set

All of my painted miniatures from Blood Rage boardgame. I hope you will like this set.
 You can see detailed photos of the clans/troll in the posts linked below. 

12 January 2020

Blood Rage#5 - Serpent Clan

The Serpent Clan miniatures from the Blood Rage boardgame. Painted during one painting session. You can also look at the Wolf Clan , Raven Clan and Bear Clan that I presented to you last year.

Pomalowane w jeden dzień figurki klanu węża z gry planszowej Blood Rage.

4 December 2019

Rockgut Troggoths #3 // Trzy Trolle

The last of the trolls that I 've not posted before.

Close up to the face 

All the finished miniatures

With the troll from the Blood Rage. 
Gamesworkshop vs CMON size comparison.

Some dynamic fighting scenes. 

23 October 2019

The Others Board Game - Heroes

Heroes of The Others Board Game. Painted in tabletop standard by me and my wife. 
 I ve allready painted some other minatures from the same game. You can see one of them here.